~February Sessions~


Stop Playing Small & Live Your Life on Purpose

* Be willing to develop a divine discipline to stay focused.

* Get inspired and motivated to make 2018 your best year EVER!!

* Become Clear about the Life you're creating for yourself.

* Stop self-sabotage in it's tracks.  

* Learn how to create your environment And not be affected by other people.


Begins Thursday February 6th 

4 week program consisting of (9) online recorded classes Plus weekly private sessions.

Call 516-635-7248 or email kathybradleyconsulting@yahoo.com


* Connect with the The Power of the Word.

* Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

* See how the Universe works~and attract what you do want into your life.

* Envision and create a new story.

* Release what no longer serves you.

* Manifest your reality with Intention. 


Begins Thursday February 8th. 

4 week program consisting of (10)online recorded classes Plus weekly private sessions.

Call 516-635-7248 or email kathybradleyconsulting@yahoo.com


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See what others are saying...
"Kathy Bradley's new book, 'The Light Becomes You', explains an Empowerment process that allows us to create a better life.  A life where we choose which path to select; a life where we feel good despite external circumstances; a life free of past 'baggage' and future concerns; a life where we are in control, feeling confident, certain and at peace. Who does not desire a better life?   It is an exhilarating feeling of freedom! 

Last summer, I had the good fortune of encountering Kathy as she presented a workshop at a library event.  Subsequently, I read her book, which explains the 11 steps to Empowerment.   I found myself rereading some sections more than once, to digest the wisdom of her words. The book is beautifully written, in a simple to understand format.  We then began the 11 week Empowerment program.  It is a matter of changing prior patterns, implementing essential new habits, in place of prior ones that no longer serve us well, and it does require a commitment on the part of the participant.  From my perspective, the book and program are priceless!

The program is a perfect complement to the book.  First Kathy emailed me an audio session pertaining to a particular chapter of her book.  I listened, learned, and took notes.  Then we would schedule a phone session for the following week.  Speaking by phone was an opportunity to present her with questions, clarify my understanding of the audio content,  and have an in depth dialog. I shared with her examples of my progress, and how my life was getting better and better, thanks to her guidance.  And so unfolded an exciting journey.  The sequence takes 11 weeks to complete, with each session focusing on another step of becoming empowered.  Kathy is a wise and wonderful teacher.  Yet, she is more than a teacher.  She is a 'pointer', providing the tools and techniques, fine tuned with laser like accuracy, explaining how to change the way we look at things, so the things we look at change.  A shift in viewpoint makes a world of difference.  The process is ongoing and so are the benefits!

I highly recommend this book and program, to anyone who feels 'stuck' and frustrated, as I did. The concepts are simple, and they work. Thank you Kathy Bradley. Feels like I discovered the pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow! "

Blessings & Gratitude,


Do you have something in your closet or in your home that makes you smile? Maybe you have a painting from your child when he or she was four sitting on your nightstand. Maybe you have a box of old photos from high school that you go through every few years. Maybe you have a favorite pair of shoes, that even though they are falling apart, you simply can't let them go.

No matter what you're holding onto, it's important to know the reason why, because what you surround yourself with in your home affects you in many ways. Everything has energy and you want to let go of the stuff that depletes you and keep what enhances your life.

* In this workshop, you'll learn why your brain makes it difficult to part with memorabilia and how you rationalize keeping things you might need...someday.

* Reduce your Stress levels with this simple purging process.

* 3  common myths about clutter clearing that might make you think twice about keeping those gadgets you've never used. 

* Incorporate Intention into your process and experience significant positive results.

* Learn how to let go of what you don't want, so you can create room for what you do want!

* Shift and Allow the light, color and energies to support you.

Date: Monday Feb 12th at 7:00 p.m.
Location: Serenity Center in Remsenburg
Energy Exchange: $30   
Must Reserve: Email kathybradleyconsulting@yahoo.com or call 516-635-7248 


This Group is a circle where we can gather to share, create and cultivate the state of BE-ing that we want to embody as confident, empowered, Sovereign Beings. Enjoy being with like minded~hearted individuals as we embark on this loving journey of self discovery.

This circle is perfect for anyone who is passionate about living, learning, and taking responsibility for the Divine Beings we are. This circle draws on the truth that when powerful individuals gather with clear intention, and place our attention on the focused intention, we invite powerful forces to gather with us to create ideas and experiences which enhance our lives in a myriad of ways. 
Dale Carnegie, who wrote the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" attributed his success to "masterminding" and called this the "mastermind group." Masterminding is a simple concept. Basically a mastermind is a group of similar minded/hearted individuals that gather on  a regular basis to help each other attain their goals from the space of imagination and by asking  "What if ?"
We will meet monthly in order to raise our consciousness to reflect a state of harmony, love and joy.  
Date: Tuesday, February 23rd at 7:00 p.m.
Location: Serenity Center in Remsenburg
Energy Exchange: $25  
Must Reserve:
Email kathybradleyconsulting@yahoo.com or call 516-635-7248 
  Cancellation Policy:
Bookings cancelled o modified less than 24 hours before the start of the session or cancellation without prior notice (no-show) the full payment is non refundable.

Kathy is available for:
Private Readings - Phone Readings - Events - Private Parties - And Fundraisers

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