November 2017



Dear Earth Angels and Light Workers,
We are in Autumn of 2017~ a time to reap your rewards! Are you ready to manifest your divine mission and purpose work?
Now more than ever those of us who are Intuitive Visionaries, Empaths and Lightworkers are being called forth to connect with our internal Divine I AM presence and claim our sovereign place in the New Earth!

Are you ready?
To help you get out of your own way and finally fulfill your life's purpose, I am offering complimentary Divine Purpose Clarity Sessions.
This is your opportunity to begin taking the necessary steps to launch into your divine mission and purpose work in 2017!
If you want to...
* Get clarity on your divine purpose and sacred contract
* Feel empowered and supported to take consistent action 
* Experience more emotional stability and inner peace
* Connect with your spiritual guides to help you navigate

 Then I invite you to apply for one of the Divine Purpose Clarity Sessions.
In this session you'll explore your vision for launching your divine work into the world, and I will help you uncover any hidden blocks that are getting in your way of fulfilling your mission. Plus I'll offer my professional recommendations for your best next steps.
So if you're called to uncover what's holding you back from being fully expressed and launching your divine work into the world in a huge way...

Go to apply for yours NOW!! email to schedule your session with Kathy at kathybradleyconsulting@yahoo.com during the month of November.

Love and Light,

The Light Becomes You

If you are on a spiritual path, and are ready to release fear, limitation, stress, anger, worry and anxiety, my new book provides the platform and structure to awaken and guide you in the transformation of your life.
Learn more about the book and The Empowerment Process.  
Click the image below to view your video message for this month. 
In an effort to give you the most updated information on workshops and events, I am going to post them on Facebook.

* New Referral Program * 

As a thank you, anyone who refers three clients will receive a free Angelic Reading! 
Simply email or call me with their name and email. I will provide the complimentary session once I have offered your three referrals their sessions. Thank you for spreading the word!

Call or email me: Kathy Bradley at 516-635-7248 or email
Step Into Your Self Mastery  
This Group is a circle where we can gather to share, create and cultivate the state of BE-ing that we want to embody as confident, empowered, Sovereign Beings. Enjoy being with like minded~hearted individuals as we embark on this loving journey of self discovery.

This circle is perfect for anyone who is passionate about living, learning, and taking responsibility for the Divine Beings we are. This circle draws on the truth that when powerful individuals gather with clear intention, and place our attention on the focused intention, we invite powerful forces to gather with us to create ideas and experiences which enhance our lives in a myriad of ways. 
Dale Carnegie, who wrote the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" attributed his success to "masterminding" and called this the "mastermind group." Masterminding is a simple concept. Basically a mastermind is a group of similar minded/hearted individuals that gather on  a regular basis to help each other attain their goals from the space of imagination and by asking  "What if ?"
We will meet monthly in order to raise our consciousness to reflect a state of harmony, love and joy.  
Date: Tuesday, November 21 at 7:00 p.m.
Location: Serenity Center in Remsenburg
Energy Exchange: $25  
Must Reserve:
Email kathybradleyconsulting@yahoo.com or call 516-635-7248    

Please check out the list of services below, including: Trinfinity8, John of God Quantum Healing, Reiki, Divine Coaching  and Angelic Readings. Click on each one for more details. 

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule your session at: kathybradleyconsulting@yahoo.com or 516-635-7248

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Teacher and Angel Therapy Practitioner@, Kathy offers her clients clear, concise intuitive guidance as well as the techniques and practical tools toward exploration, inspiring them to awaken to their true divine path and purpose.  

Kathy's, training includes studies with such names as Doreen Virtue and Jennifer McClean & has been granted Permission to own and operate the special John of God Crystal Healing Bed. 



BS for Business from Niagara University, Certified Interior Refiner/ Design with Laurie Ward, Mastering Alchemy, Sound Therapy & Success Signature trainings with "Healing with the Masters", Jennifer McClean


  •  Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher
  •  Angel Therapy Practitioner®
  •  Consciousness Facilitator


The Zone  
NEW! ~ Online Store

Kathy Bradley & The Angels website now features an online store, where you will find classes in The Zone available such as:

*Take back your power ~ Remember who you are  

*Thinking Vs. Knowing 

*Awaken to the Love You Are 

*From Fear to Freedom ~ Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

Each class is $25, via PayPal. Learn more and visit the store at the link below.


"Thank you SO MUCH again for the wonderful reading!  I feel much more centered, balanced and feel my inner compass is pointing me true to what my purpose is. Definitely, I need to trust my feelings and instincts, my inner voice and most definitely trust that my Angels and Guides are always there, wanting to help -- it's up to me to ask -- and then accept and go forward.  I really liked the tools you gave me to practice and I will endeavor to make them positive habits into my life.  Finding and taking ME time needs to become a priority -- the setting of boundaries where I honor myself and not break that boundary.   You gave me so much insight and hope and positive affirmations -- I know when I follow the advice from my Guides, I cannot go wrong, but I will head toward my true destination.  A place of sanctuary for all, people and animals, to find peace and healing."

~Blessings and Light, Kim

"The workshop, Connect With Your Guardian Angels, changed my life. It was truly enlightening and a powerful moment to meet my angel. Kathy guides in a clear and peaceful manner and is truly gifted in communicating what the angels want us to know. I listened to my messages, and my life has made a completely positive turnaround. I have Kathy Bradley and my angel to thank for that. Take this time in the New Year to bring energy and happiness to your life! Schedule an Angel Reading or workshop with Kathy."



Kathy is available for:
Private Readings - Phone Readings - Events - Private Parties - And Fundraisers

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